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Geology is the study of Earth's history. This multidisciplinary subject includes investigations of geological processes, the formation of natural materials and their subsequent transformations. Geology also encompasses studies of life's origins, the evolution of species and the development of ecosystems through geologic time, which all provide a better understanding of the planet that we live on today.

Human welfare is dependent on natural resources and knowledge of the origins, distribution and limitations of these geo-resources has become of immense importance to society.

Sun’s activity influences natural climate change A new study from Lund University has, for the first time, reconstructed solar activity during the last ice age. The study shows that the regional climate is influenced by the sun and offers opportunities to better predict future climate conditions in certain regions. Read more...

PhD student Laurie Charrieau won Poster Award at TMS Laurie Charrieau won award for best poster presentation at The Micropaleontological Society meeting at NIOZ, Texe, the Netherlands Read more...

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Today, 10:15 - Dryas
Farnaz Alebouyeh presentar sin MSc-uppsats ""U-Pb geochronology of the Tsineng dyke swarm and paleomagnetism of the Hartley Basalt, South Africa – evidence for two separate magmatic events at ca. 1.92 and 1.88-1.84 Ga in the Kalahari craton"

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Handledare: Ulf Söderlund & Michiel de Kock
Opponent: Anders Schersten
8/9, 12:15 - Baltica
Geology Science Seminar: "An overview of Alberta geology, palaeontology, geography, wildlife, and our museum"
Dennis Braman (Royal Tyrrell Museum, Alberta, Canada).

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