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Geology is the study of Earth's history. This multidisciplinary subject includes investigations of geological processes, the formation of natural materials and their subsequent transformations. Geology also encompasses studies of life's origins, the evolution of species and the development of ecosystems through geologic time, which all provide a better understanding of the planet that we live on today.

Human welfare is dependent on natural resources and knowledge of the origins, distribution and limitations of these geo-resources has become of immense importance to society.

Sun’s activity influences natural climate change A new study from Lund University has, for the first time, reconstructed solar activity during the last ice age. The study shows that the regional climate is influenced by the sun and offers opportunities to better predict future climate conditions in certain regions. Read more...

Carl Alwmark och kollegor presenterar nya rön i tidskrifen Scientific Reports. Forskningen visar att Locknesjön och den mindre Målingen bildades samtidigt, i en enda jättelik kosmisk smäll, för 470 miljoner år sedan. Read more...

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24/11, 10:15 - Dryas
the presentation has been postponed. New date will be announced shortly!
Master Thesis presentation by Ellinor Martin: "Chrome spinel grains from the Komstad Limestone Formation, Killeröd, southern Sweden - a high-resolution study of an increased meteorite flux in the Middle Ordovician"

Handledare: Mats Eriksson, Anders Lindskog och Birger Schmitz
Opponent: Anders Cronholm
Betygsnämnd: Johan Lindgren (examinator) och Kristina Stenström

The thesis can be downloaded from STUD(M:)/Examensarbete Ellinor Martin one week in advance of the presentation.
27/11, 12:15 - Baltica
Geology Science Seminar: Sponges and their role in the Silicon Cycle
Belinda Alvarez (Quaternary Geology).

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