The pottery of the Battle-Axe Culture - New solutions to an old problem

The growth in find material, the expansion in new find contexts and the growing realisation that a new classification system is needed make up some of the main incitements for a new comprehensive study of the Battle Axe pottery. The last major treatise on the subject was written more than 40 years ago (M. P. Malmer). The current project that covers all of Sweden has - as its first goal to establish a comprehensive overview of the finds of Battle-Axe pottery including all morphological and technical variables as well as the contexts. A range of analyses including shape-mode and thinsectioning will be carried out on selected materials in order to address the central questions of the origin, the spread and the role of Battle Axe pottery in Sweden. Finally, these results should form the basis of a new classification system facilitating the determination even of the small ornamented sherds, which are common representatives of this period. The project is sought financed through grants from private foundations.


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