Late Black Earthenware - The Introduction of modern Pottery in Sweden

This is a joint project between KFL (Anders Lindahl) and SKEA (Ole Stilborg Keramikanalys).

Late Black Earthenware - a ware fired in controlled reduced atmosphere- marks a new and important phase in the history of ceramics. It is closely related to the development of medieval urbanism and trade from the middle of the 12th century and way into the 15th. Up to the 12th century the consumption of pottery was based on a local small scale “hand-shaped” production. At this time imported wheel-thrown pottery seems to take over the market. A several thousand years old handicraft tradition is generally reduced to a marginal phenomenon and disappears almost completely in the towns. The Aim of the project is to widden the knowledge of the morphological and technological variation in the Swedish find material. There are several urgent questions eg: How did the representatives of the old handicraft react? Is it possible to determine the provenience of the Late Black Earthenware from different parts of Sweden? And how are they related to finds in e.g. Lübeck and Rostock?

The actual work in this project started during January 2011 with registration of the Late Black Earthenware from Söderköping and Lund.

Anders Lindahl och Ole Stilborg

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