Image Analysis and grain size distribution

An example of adjusting instruments to improve analyses is the adaptation of an image analysing system to facilitate fast measurements of grains when analysing ceramic thin-sections. At KFL I have adjusted the system Nikon NIS Elements BR to develop new methods for analyzing grain size distribution in ceramic thin-sections. By using a combination of automatic and interactive marking of grains in the coarse fraction – grains >0.1mm – it offers a fast and very accurate measurements with a multitude of possibilities to sort and calculate various grain fractions in the thin-section. In addition to tables and graphs the measured areas may also be displayed on the image of the actual thin-section.

Sample 2

Ceramic thin-section in polarized light  

Sample 2 big

Grains >0.1mm

Sample 2 little

Grains >0.5 – 1.0mm


Anders Lindahl

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