Ceramics from the Mariana Islands: Laboratory Analyses

This is a joint project between the Laboratory for Ceramic research and the Dept. of Archaeology and Natural History Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies Australian National University (Olaf Winter and Geoffrey Clark), within the main project "Colonisation of the Mariana and Palau Islands and Implications for Indo-Pacific Prehistory".

The Mariana and Palau islands in western Micronesia were colonised by an early population movement from Island Southeast Asia, marking the first human arrival on remote Pacific islands by the longest open ocean voyages anywhere in the prehistoric world. Key early sites in western Micronesia are being excavated and analysed, along with detailed analysis of existing archaeological material, to provide new perspectives on the timing and nature of the colonising culture. Improved knowledge of this colonisation event will inform the pattern of Neolithic migration through insular Asia, and the Micronesian link with Lapita colonization of the west and central Pacific.

The laboratory analyses involve samples from Papua and Palau in Micronesia as well as Taiwan and the Philippines.

There are two articles planned for 2011.  

Anders Lindahl, Olaf Winter and Geoffrey Clark


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