Ceramics and the Ethnographic Present: Manufacturing techniques in southern Africa

Ceramics and the Ethnographic Present: Manufacturing techniques of ceramics in southern Africa” is a joint project between The Laboratory for Ceramic research and the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology, University of Pretoria, South Africa sponsored by VR/Links and the NRF of South Africa.

The aim of this project is to investigate modern ceramic manufacturing techniques among selected ethnic groups in southern Africa. The objective is to understand cultural processes and human group identities of some later Iron Age communities found in these areas. This will be achieved by examining aspects such as ceramic production and technology, the role of women in the production process, seasonality and scheduling of the production process, trade and exchange, and the relations between ceramics and ethnicity. The data generated will be used as feedback into the prehistoric Iron Age data particularly on social aspects of ceramics.

Within the framework of the project there has also been a workshop (March 2010) on the theme “Ceramics in Archeology”. So far two conference abstracts and two articles are published (Lindahl & Pikirayi 2007; 2010; Pikirayi & Lindahl 2008; 2011) and a volume comprising the presentations held at the workshop in Pretoria in March 2010 is more or less finished.

Link to pdf-file with Project description

Anders Lindahl and Innocent Pikirayi

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