The Aim of Laboratory Analyses of Ceramics in Archaeology

Edited by Anders Lindahl & Ole Stilborg


This volume contains the papers read and discussed at the workshop “The Aim of Laboratory Analyses of Ceramics in Archaeology”. The workshop was sponsored by the Royal Academy of Letters History and Antiquities and the Phillip Sørensen Foundation. It was held at Odengården in Northern Scania in April 1995. The theme of the workshop is of interest to archaeology, archaeometry, ethnoarchaeology and in particular to ceramology. The workshop stressed the need for broad studies of ceramics in both archaeological and ethnografic contexts in order to reconstruct the relations between raw materials, handicraft, use of the products and the social setting. As an answer to the need of closer collaboration between ceramologists SAC “The Society for Archaeological Ceramology” was formed.

Table of contents :

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