The Alvastra Pile Dwelling Pottery. The Museum of National Antiquities. Monographs 5. Stockholm

By Birgitta Hulthén


An attempt to trace the society behind the sherds. The ceramics finds generated during the archaeological investigations conducted by O. Frödin, at Alvasta (1909-1930) represent an old, long untouched, yet well-preserved sherd collection. This paper describes means and methods to revitalise an archaeological pottery material and put it to use in a modern scientific context. It is shown that the obsolete excavation methods constitute no significant obstacle to modern ceramological research methods provided that the original excavation work was carried out in a keen and tidy manner. Two new main pottery groups at Alvastra (U- and N-) have been established and defined. New light is shed on the puzzling "disappearance" of pottery body mass. It is also shown that pottery finds are well suited for designing a plausible hypothesis concerning social trans-actions on the Pile Dwelling platform.


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