List of publications 1997

Birgitta Hulthén

Hulthén, B. Stenålderskeramiken från Ire på Gotland. "Till Gunborg". Arkeologiska samtal. Archaeological Reports No. 33. Stockholm. p. 131 - 145

Hulthén, B. The Otterböte Pottery - A Ceramological Study. Ap. 2, 3, 8. In: K. Gustafsson. Otterböte. Theses and Papers in Archaeology No. 4. Stockholm

Anders Lindahl

Lindahl, A. & Söderlind, M. Forms and Fabrics of the Terracotta Industry in Southern Etruria in the Third and Second Centuries B.C. In: Bouquillon, A. (ed.) Ceramic Heritage, "Proceedings of Session 4 of the 5th Conference and Exhibition of the European Ceramic Society, Versailles, France, June 22-26, 1997. p. 1438 - 1443

Lindahl, A.& Stilborg, O. The Laboratory Analyseis. In Söderlind M. Provenance and Ways of Distribution of Facial Moulds Used on Votive Heads from Tessennano. "Babesch, Bulletin Antieke Beschaving, Annual Papers on Classical Archaeology, No. 72" - 1997. Leiden p. 121 - 124

Ole Stilborg

Stilborg, O. Shards of Iron Age Communications. A ceramological study of internal structure and external contacts in the Gudme-Lundeborg Area, Funen during the late Roman Iron Age. Monographs on Ceramics. Lund.

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