On Ceramic Ware in Northern Scandinavia during the Neolithic, Bronze and Early Iron Age. A Ceramic-Ecological Study.

By Birgitta Hulthén


Prehistoric ceramic craft in northern-most Scandinavia differed substantially from that in other Scandinavian regions. This book is based on an investigation analysing raw materials and manufacturing techniques as well as typological elements of ceramics artefacts from different periods. Increased insight into human activities was gained. The project covered mineralogical, chemical and physical analyses, simulating manufacture, clay prospecting and analysis of shapes and ornamentation. The results support a division into 4 main groups: 1. Neolithic pottery, 2-3.Bronze Age asbestos and/or hair-tempered ceramics, 4. Asbestos Ware.

Asbestos Ware is connected to early iron production during Pre Roman Iron Age. The results strongly suggest that the know-how of Asbestos Ware initially spread from Varanger to the rest of northernmost Fennoscandia


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