The question of embedding

A response to articles by Tite, Sillar and Livingstone-Smith

By Ole Stilborg


To be embedded - what does it mean. What was embedded in what and how does the active relationship between the partners in the embeddedness work? That is the key questions that spring to mind when reading the three papers by Tite , Sillar and Livingstone-Smith (Tite & Sillar 2000, Sillar 2000, Livingstone-Smith 2000). It is, I believe, also a key question in the analyses of the human society. The relationship between wo/man and the material culture is one of the intriguing relationships in human society and (should be) the main objective of archaeological research. It is not just a middle range theory on the way to the prehistoric social world. In terms of methodology this, furthermore, puts the focus on the relationship between archaeological and ethnoarchaeological studies.

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