En enstaka skärva och ett helt hantverk!

By Erika Räf & Ole Stilborg


Re-used ceramic sherds form a seldom-recognised group of artefacts both in archaeological contexts and in archaeological literature. Although they do appear; the most common example is chamotte temper and other examples include game board pieces, spindle whorls, shovels, amulets, shaping tools for wheel making of pottery etc.

This article discusses a sherd, found at B. M. Vifot´s excavations in the Iron Age settlement of Uppåkra in the 1930´s, which have been re-used. The form of the sherd and the sharpening of the ”edge” suggest that it may have been used for scraping or softening of hides. Use-wear analyses and practical experiments have been initiated and some preliminary results have emerged.


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