Late Iron Age Metal Craft Ceramics at Uppåkra

By Ole Stilborg


Central to the discussions of Iron Age casted jewellery is the questions concerning the role and social setting of the craftsmen, who made them. As pointed out by some scolars, the way to identify the craftsmen is through studying the technical details of the products. To this the study of the ceramic objects used in the craft may be added. This article seeks to approach the casters working in a part of Uppåkra during a period in the 7th century AD through a study of the craft related ceramics. Different types of activities are identified and their physical arrangement and the quality of the craftsmanship are studied. The other ceramics finds in the area reflecting the social setting of the workshop as well as relations to another scanian casting site at Dagstorp and to the site of Sorte Muld on Bornholm are discussed.


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