En ugn är en ugn är en ugn.

Om ugnar i allmänhet och en ugn från Skummeslöv, Halland i synnerhet. Medeltidsarkeologisk tidskrift. Meta 95:4. Lund

By Ole Stilborg


"A furnace is an oven is a kiln. About "ugnar" in common and a furnace from Summeslöv, Halland in particular." The Swedish word "ugn" is used to denote both furnaces, ovens and kilns albeit with appropriate prefixes. This may be partly responsible for a confusion on this subject, and an uncertainty in the interpretation of different types of constructions. From a technological point of view focusing primarily on the furnace/oven/kiln clay walls or - linings, the article tries to describe some guidelines for this research. These guidelines, which are part of the accumulated experience at the Laboratory of Ceramic Research, were applied to the technological analyses of an early medieval "ugn" from Skummeslöv in Halland performed by the author.


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