Hverdagens keramik

Et debatindlaeg i diskussionen om centralpladser i Jernalderen. Centrala platser, centrala frågor. Samhällsstrukturen under järnåldern.

By Ole Stilborg


Everyday pottery. A contribution to the debate about central places in the Iron Age.

Research into the structure of Iron Age society naturally focuses on settlement hierarchies and the size and setting of the individual constituent settlements, central places, burial grounds, etc. There is however, important information pertaining to the overarching structural questions to be extracted from detailed studies of the artefacts found on the sites. Technological analyses of the late Roman Iron Age pottery from the Gudme-Lundeborg area on Funen, Denmark, have given important data not only on the function of individual sites (settlements, burial grounds), but also on the level and character of the contacts between them. The experiences derived from this study will be used to analyse comparable settlement hierarchies in south-western Scania and in Halland within the project "The Social Structure in Southern Sweden during the Iron Age".


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