Thomas Eriksson
Position: Ph D, researcher
Phone: 073-638 73 35
Fax: 046 - 222 48 30
Visiting address: Room 422, Sölvegatan 12
Postal address: GeoBiosphere Science Centre
Quaternary Sciences
Sölvegatan 12,
S-223 62 Lund

I’m working as a researcher at the Laboratory for Ceramic Research. The subject for my dissertation was a long-term study of pottery from Eastern Central Sweden c. 1500 BC to 400 AD. The material came from ca 70 sites, both settlement and grave fields. The subject was to study changes in handicraft and the use of pottery it’s cultural context. The pottery was seen as services or assemblages of different vessels with widely differing functions.

I am involved in two projects. The first is to digitalize and evaluate all analyzes made at the laboratory since the start.  The project is made in collaboration with MAL, Environmental Archaeological Lab at the University in Umeå. The data will be collected in the SEAD system.

The second project is “Styles, regions and decorated Pottery from the Migration Period, c. 300-600 AD”. The decorated vessels from the Migration Period have an immense but unused potential to study networks, influences, behaviours and regional groups during a dynamic period.

My main periods are from the Late Neolithic to the Vendel period.


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