Glazed pottery in a medieval kiln in may 2011


The original medieval kiln was found in Barmer , southwest of Aalborg in Denmark. The construction of “our” kiln is based on the excavation report. If you want to read more about medieval kilns in southern Scandinavia see e.g. HIKUIN no 28, 2001.


Making the frame of the kiln.



The frame is covered with a 10cm thick layer of clay.


When the clay has dried the kiln is pre-heated and the frame which has supported the domed kiln is burnet away. The kiln is ready for use and the pots are placed in the firing chamber.



The firing of the pots took approximately seven hours and then the kiln was left to cool until the next day.




The result was semi successful. Unfortunately the heat had been unevenly distributed in the firing chamber and only half of the pots were properly glazed.

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