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My research focuses on past and present marine environments and their relation to climate and climate change foremost over the last 60 000 years. This research further includes the study on the interactions between land, ocean, and atmosphere. My main tools are marine sediments with their contents of different microorganisms combined with instrumental hydrographic time series and process-oriented modeling. I find it especially intriguing to work in coastal settings, which are often affected by human impact, such as fjords, the Skagerrak and the Baltic Sea but also coastal upwelling areas around the world’s oceans. My research further addresses proxy calibration and validation both through experimental and field studies.
I'm involved in a number of projects:

the CONTEMPORARY project: Some of the most significant challenges in palaeoclimate research arise from the need to both understand and reduce the uncertainty associated with proxy methods. The aim of this study is to estimate uncertainty in marine temperature and salinity reconstructions based on benthic foraminifera. The focus is on foraminifera sampled in the Kattegat and the Baltic Sea, we both culture them under controlled physio-chemical conditions as well as study them in the field. We will analyze the foraminiferal shells with respect to a range of geochemical variables. Improved bottom water temperature and salinity reconstructions and uncertainty estimates would provide the palaeoclimate community with greater understanding of global climate sensitivity and offer a new stimulus to the development of coupled climate models. The project is a collaboration with William Austin, St Andrews University, Kate Darling University of Edinburgh, Jeroen Groeneveld, University of Bremen and Nikolaus Gussone, University of Munster. The project is finanized by the Swedish Research Council VR.

- the DISCO project- Drivers and Impacts of Coastal Ocean Acidification- A new exciting project where we will be studying environmental chnages in the Skagerrak and the Baltic Sea during the last 200 years with special emphasize on ocean acidification. The project is funded by the Swedish research council Formas. See also PhD student Laurie Charrieau's presentation and our DISCO blog

the FrISBEe project: Foraminifera and Isotopes in the Skagerrak and Baltic-Experiments and Field studies. Principal Investigator

Relationships between aeolian dust input, upwelling, primary productivity and oxygen conditions off NW Africa during the last 35 000 years ,see also PhD student Clarie McKay's presentation.

Managing multiple stressors in the Baltic Sea, where we among many things study the distribution of dinoflagellate cysts and tintinnids,, see also PhD student Wenxin Ning's presentation and Postdoc Anupam Ghosh .

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Helena Filipsson

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