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My research is focussed on pre-Quaternary biogeosphere dynamics. In particular the big global environmental catastrophes in the history of Earth can learn us much about the conditions of life on our planet. At the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary, 65 million years ago, a 10 km-in-diameter asteroid struck in Mexico and the skies were darkened by debris from the impact . Almost 75% of all animal species became extinct. At the Paleocene-Eocene boundary, 55 million years ago, a supergreenhouse catastrophe occurred when sea-floor methane hydrates decomposed which led to dramatically enhanced carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere. A large number of different global environmental catastrophes have taken place during the Earth’s history. Historical geological research can give us an understanding of the more fundamental processes that regulate the conditions on one of the billions of planets in the universe, the Earth. In my research I also deal with cross disciplinary issues in the border land between astronomy and geology, for example, how the meteorite and asteroid flux to Earth has varied throughout time, which can increase our understanding of the history of the solar system.

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Birger Schmitz


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Dept. of Geology
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