The wooden Churches

The region is famous for the large number of well preserved wooden Churches. Estimated number of wooden churches build before 1850 is 94.

The Wooden churches of Maramures can be divided into two groups: The "medieval" wooden church and the "morosan" wooden church.

1. The "medieval" wooden church

The name comes from the characteristics of the construction and not necessarily date from the Middle Ages. Wooden churches of the medieval type were built even in the 17´th century but they retain old constructive patterns and could easily be compared to a house from the same village. The butt of the church embraces the narthex and the nave in a rectangular plan to which a narrower sanctuary used to be added.

2. The "morosan" wooden church

The morosan church could appear before the 17´th century. The plains of a morosan church dose not differ from a medieval one but the rooms are certainly more spacious. Inside a morosan church the vault was risen with several timbers over the lower walls. This structure was to made a second level of small windows. Outside the church between the two levels of windows is a narrow roof, which together with the tower gives the morosan church its distinctive outer profile.

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